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Jim Caviezel images.jpg

Jim Caviezel

Actor (Jesus, Passion of the Christ), New York, NY

Tom is a great teacher!

Pat Bowser.jpg

Pat Bowser

Worship Leader & Pop Vocalist, Richland, WA

I can’t thank you enough for helping me with my vocal issues. Your advice has changed key aspects of my perspective and approach to singing pop music even after decades of training and performance. I am truly amazed, again, at your work.

Jason Vorpagel.jpg

Jason Vorpagel

Music Producer & Founder, Sound Forge Studios, Richland, WA

Tom Bingeman is the best modern vocal coach I have ever met. Whether you are a beginner, a hobbyist, or a seasoned studio singer, Tom will take your vocal chops up a level or three!

Candra N head shot IMG_0627.JPG

Candra Niswanger

Singer, Songwriter, Author, & Energetic Speaker, Great Falls, MT

Working with Tom Bingeman literally changed my life as an artist. Tom has a special ability to dial into an individuals frequency with precision quickly!  This allows him to customize each session uniquely for each client.  I have observed many individual coaching sessions with Tom over the years where artist were transformed and set free from the bondage of self doubt.  I am so blessed to not only call Tom coach and mentor, but most of all friend. 

cale moon.jpg

Cale Moon

Country Artist, Nashville, TN

I’m thankful to have had the best vocal/fitness coach in the world for the last 5 years!! This man has built me up, beat me up, wore me out, knocked me down, carried me, molded me, broke me, pushed me beyond my limits, made me what I am, and believed in me even when I didn’t. He’s been there for me through my darkest hours and brightest days as my trainer, mentor and friend. I thank God for Tom Bingeman every time I sing!

Melissa Clark.jpg

Melissa Clark

Worship Vocalist, San Antonio, TX

I didn't realize how many chains (by the opinions of others) had been placed on me. The encouraging and unique approach Tom took to my lesson dropped those chains one by one. I began to fall in love with music again! My heart was light and my mind reeled at the possible songs I could sing. After ONE lesson.

Kelsy Colwell.jpg

Kelsy Colwell

Worship Vocalist, Las Vegas, NV

Tom Bingeman is the most phenomenal vocal coach and trainer I’ve ever encountered. I’ve learned more with him in one hour than in decades with other teachers.

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