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Professional Vocal Coach, Artist Developer, Inspirational Speaker


Tom Bingeman is one of America's most impactful, dynamic and effective vocal coaches, according to Dr. Scott Martin, Ph.D Julliard. Actor Jim Caviezel has simply said, "Tom is a great teacher."

Tom specializes in equipping modern vocalists, training them to be authentic to the styles they want to sing, and helping chorally trained vocalist and vocal coaches become authentic to modern styles. From pop to country, rock to musical theatre, R&B and even rap and everything in-between, Tom has the system to equip them all. But even more importantly he is passionate about restoring hope, releasing passion and reviving the dreams of artists. He also has extensive experience and a deep passion to train and equip worship team and leaders to be free, skillful and thrive in their gifts for the glory of God.


Tom also works with both amateur and professional actors and has been seen making cameo appearances with clients on American Idol. He has had over 2 decades of experience in the entertainment industry working side-by-side with many well known artists as a radio host and concert emcee.

Two of Tom’s passions are, 1) To train artists in a hard-working, yet fun, and encouraging environment where they are free and uninhibited to express the artistry and passion that is within them. 2) To breakthrough any barriers that inhibit freedom to set voices free.


At the end of the day, working with Tom, you will receive immediate and lasting results. But even more importantly, you will have someone in your corner, supporting and encouraging you along the way!


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Some of what we cover...

  • Learn the secrets to singing all styles.

  • Transitioning artists from choral to modern styles.

  • Full body training to maximize vocal health and endurance.

  • Increase range, power, and intimacy.

  • Increase confidence, authority, and connection.

  • Laugh, cry, have fun, step out of your comfort zones, and be SET FREE!

  • And Much More!​


Lessons are uniquely designed and tailored your specific needs!


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